Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Satan Christmas Card!

Should have put this up sooner.... this is the design for my Christmas card this year, Satan/Santa (nice anagram)... and what I've been selling, along with my regular cards. Should have put it in my shop, but a bit late now. It's a reworking of one i made many years ago now. I like that it's printed and then the 'N' is hand cut and re-pasted, leaving that nice little empty window. Should anyone want them they are 5x7 inches in size and are £2.50 each or I'm doing a deal of 10 for £20. I'll be on it a bit sharper next year! This year in general has been a bit of a wash out and one I'm happy to forget. We're heading out to Vegas and LA in January to see Jakki's family and It'll be the first time Jakki's Dad has seen Tennessee, who'll soon be 5! I'm intending to move everything on in 2013. It's going to be pivotal. Well, hopefully!... it could also just fizzle out too!! You'll just have to keep checking in and see if I achieve any of it : )


  1. That card is awesome Scott. And I love that the tail is like a star. I'm sort of looking forward to 2013 too. Although I have to say that as a number, I'm not too fond of it. Just looks weird. Maybe it's the 13 that bothers me.

    Anyway, I forgot to tell you in the email about Pottery West in Vegas
    would be a good place to start on the pottery trail there. Amy Kline makes nice work and I'm sure she knows the places to visit in the area.

  2. Thanks Guys

    Ron it's the 13 that makes it! it 'should' be shit and unlucky... so that means it WILL be great!
    I'd seen Pottery West and will try to get over to it and poke around a bit. Thanks for thinking about it though.