Tuesday, 9 November 2010


I've been meaning to get around to putting some pottery on here and the previous post leads the way very nicely, with it's sgraffito inspired colour scheme. These two pictures sum up what i like, which makes me a bit of a mixed up would-be potter though. What can i say? I love characters, faces.. and i like a good narrative, so both fit the bill!

This one is a North Devon Harvest Jug, with beautiful sgraffito decoration. For further info on this kind of thing look here. Or you could do worse than visiting Doug's, or Matt's Blogs. Both are fantastic slipware potters carrying on a wonderful tradition. Matt's also been very helpful to me, one of life's good guys and a talented potter too. Hopefully, one day, we'll be able to collaborate on a pot or two. I just need to learn how to first!

This beauty is by the master of face jugs Lanier Meaders. I don't know what it is but there is just something about them. Face Jugs seem to be a particularly American thing, most originated from the Carolinas and Georgia and the introduction of African slaves working for the potteries. There are now so many out there making them and the end result is often not so great. There's a great piece here, which seems to sum up how i feel about face jugs too. I'm sure i'll come back to write more about both of these areas, but for now this will do.


  1. Hi Scott, I clicked over from Matt's blog. I love your work and it will be fun to see how you come along with the potting! I'm a potter in North Carolina and see your link there to Matt Jones regarding the face jugs. He doesn't live too far away. Small world. I met Matt and Doug Fitch via the internet several years ago and finally made it over to see Doug in person last year.
    Well, I'll be checking in regularly. Best, Ron

  2. That sgraffito jug is just stunning!