Saturday, 27 October 2012

Let Go

... which i guess is another way of saying "fuck it" (my latest approach to life and worries!). Ever since watching that video of Lloyd Kahn (man crush) riding on his longboard, i've found myself watching more and more skateboard clips... particularly the longboard... don't know why it appeals so much? Well, i do when i watch clips like this one.. the scenery may help! Anyhow, get a coffee, sit down and take a 5 min ride and.... just let go.

Friday, 26 October 2012

I'll Explain Later

... but here are a few elements from something I've been working on

Thursday, 25 October 2012

My Town- St Leonards on Sea

Read a nice little review of my little town, St Leonards on Sea, on this blog the other day. Blogger Paul had a link that took me too it. It's all very true and it is a town full of movement, in the right direction. I will be having a little exhibition/sale of a few interesting things sometime in Nov, I will report more as i get more info myself. Great town, come and visit.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Blast From The Past

I do like a bit of The The, very underrated. Time for a revival! 'Soul Mining' (Uncertain Smile) used to be a firm favourite, but now I've switched to 'Dusk'. Anyway one from each. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Throwing Shapes

... no, not on the dance floor. I finally made myself find some time to sit at the wheel and and get some clay spinning. It was good, but it was bad! It's very frustrating knowing where you want to get to, but knowing what you have to go through (or throw) in order to get there!! My first one always goes kinda ok, but then they seem to get progressively worse. Then I regrouped and settled down and the pots seemed to actually be achieving something (the fact that "something" was just a cylinder is neither here nor there!). I was finding my hands were finally figuring out what they should be doing and i relaxed a bit. I now feel encouraged to keep up this practice and somehow find a bit more time. I'm going to use these pots to do another firing and try and get this glaze and kiln working together. Until I can get that sorted i feel a bit on-hold. Don't expect to see any pot pictures for a while,  after all who wants to see pics of badly thrown pots?? Ha.

Thursday, 11 October 2012


I can't really take the credit for this, they are my boy's words (what's the opposite of proud?). He was having an argument at school with his friend who had told Tex that he was a genius, which apparently really pissed Texas off! Smart kids those two, ha! 

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Life Savers

Thought I'd push a couple of books on you. These two popped up just when i needed them. I wasn't looking for them, they found me. Firstly there's Tiny Homes, this is the book by LLoyd Kahn that i said  i had bought. It is a fantastic book, with hundreds of pictures, of small homes, shelters, shacks that people have built. Tracey, you need this book... and not just because you make them. Anyway, go buy a copy. There's no way you could be disappointed (unless you have no heart or soul and if you don't please stop reading my blog!). The price is also incredibly reasonable.

The other book that found it's way to me is 'Fuck It, the ultimate spiritual way'. If you worry about stuff too much, care what others think too much etc etc go buy it and read it. It's kept me the calmest I've been in a long time, it gives you great perspective and it's not all that usual "spiritual" stuff, it's funny and very well written. It's a very Western way to embrace Eastern ideas. There you go, so whatever is troubling you at the minute, just say "fuck it" to it.... feel better? good. Buy it, read it, feel better. I've been sitting there in the evenings, when Jakki is working, with the lights down, both books on my lap, notebook, sketchbook and pen to hand... and found myself relaxed! (though that could be the booze, also sitting next to me!). Definitely books for this new century of ours.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Harvey Ball

We all know the now iconic image of the smiley face, but how many of us know who first created it? Well, i do and his name was Harvey Ball. How can something so simple be so....?... lovely. Considering his brief, it's a solution of genius. I've had this bit of paper taped up near my desk for the last 11 years (really?!) We should all wear one of these badges/buttons.... not a generic smiley, not the emblem of Acid House music, but this one, this perfect Harvey Ball one, which has something more of the Mr Men about it. He never applied for copyright, never made his fortune from it, just the $45 fee. It sold 50 million badges in 1971 alone!! I've rehashed it in photoshop, so i suggest you print it out and make a badge and wear it with pride and a big smile. How about a name badge too, so we can all 'know' each other a little better! (that was Elaine's idea... I was watching Seinfeld, the one with the 'fat free' frozen yoghurt!).

Thursday, 4 October 2012

...For Balance

Here's my other boy Tennessee, he's also a lovely human being (well, more often than not!). He's a very different character from Tex... for one he's happy to dress up! The boy likes a two piece suit, UP grape soda bottle cap badge and cap. This was on a rare trip up to London. How the hell did I live there for 9 years?? People, get the hell out of there!... it's killing you and fleecing you while it's at it. There's a better world waiting for you somewhere. If you're stuck for ideas just come to Hastings, I'll even buy you a beer.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Texas is 6 today and is turning into a fine human being, let's hope i don't go and muck that up along the way! He's also starting to look uncannily like his mother as a kid.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Magnolia Electric Co.

 Just been listening to Trials & Errors, by Magnolia Electric Co. (again!) and thought I should do a blog post for those bloggers that I know who dig a decent tune. Magnolia Electric Co. started out as Songs:Ohia, who started out as a guy named Jason Molina! He deserves a mention, a superbly talented guy who has run into some tough times recently, due mainly to drink and stints in rehab, which have left him with some large medical bills, read a bit more here. Anyhow, he's back on a farm someplace and hopefully doing fine. I won't write too much, I'm no music journo, I just listen to a lot of music, but can't play anything or dissect/ describe it very well, I just trust my ears and heart (always the best way, right?). I'll leave it to the music. If I was going to listen to more i think you should go listen to/buy The Lioness album, by Songs:Ohia and then I heartily recommend Trials & Errors for a good old rock out! I place Jason Molina right up there with Bill Callahan/ Smog and Will Oldham/Bonny 'Prince' Billy, yep in my book he's that good.The guy just doesn't make a duff album.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Lloyd Kahn

Saw this clip thanks to Robin Wood's blog (go and watch the other clips he has and save me re-pasting them!.. the surf/camera guy is well worth a watch and the line walkers is ... well, terrifying! but the photography is stunning).  I think more of you should see this film, if you haven't already. This man knows what's what. he get's it ...and I want more of it, well, a little at least. I'm off to find out more about this man...(and have since..and bought a book, which I can't wait to get and start reading and thinking. I'm on a real soul search these days aren't I? Ha!). Lloyd also has a very interesting blog, check it out!