Thursday, 30 April 2015

Anti-Dog-Poo Posters Continued...

Right, being as there seems to be a bit of a buzz on the dog poo poster front, i thought i'd re-post this set of prints. If you would like some to put up locally, i'm happy to post you copies or email you the digital files for you to print out and/or share.
(I trim them so they have a space at the top and bottom when laminated, this allows you to punch holes for cable ties without any water being able to get in to the printed paper.)

You can have multiples of just one single design or the full range. My contact details are on my website, which has a link in the blog sidebar, or just click here at garrettworld

This is one exception where i won't mind my images being ripped off or used without my permission.
Let's try and clean up these pavements... Feel free to share!

#thepoowontdo #youforgotyourshit

1 comment:

  1. Bloomin' love them! I was looking at one of the posters yesterday and wishing I could have some for some of the streets on the way between school and our house. I'll be in contact soo, Dawn. x