Tuesday, 19 April 2011


A couple more for you. My aim is 50, i think. I've done about a dozen so far.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Coming Soon...

An idea i've had kicking around for ages and I'm only just starting to get something down that feels right. The typography is still a work in progress and is just filling a gap right now. Tomorrow I shall reveal the first couple to make it... in their not-quite-final form. Not sure what form the finished set will take yet either.
I'm just going to work through a batch first.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

What a find!

After rummaging at a boot sale on Sunday, we headed into Rye and found some characters from an old fairground/amusement ride. Would have liked to buy them all, but i really couldn't even afford this one... didn't stop me buying him though! It has the name 'Banjo' scratched into it's back, so that shall be his name. Pride of place in the lounge i think... and yes, we still do videos.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Potted History- Brede Ogre

I promise this will be the last of my mocked-up pots. Real clay is coming out this week... providing i can find the time. The Brede Ogre is a relatively local legend, based on the 16th century character, Sir Goddard Oxenbridge. He was sheriff of Surrey & Sussex and knighted by Henry the Eighth in 1509. Legend says that he stood 7 feet tall with a fearsome moustache! Rumour was that he ate local children for his supper, one a day ( he knew his limits). Eventually, fearing for their lives, the children lured him to his death with a barrel of ale and when he passed out they cut him in half with a saw on the "groaning bridge", East Sussex kids on one side, West Sussex kids on the other. His ghost, in the form of a sawn tree trunk (apparently) still haunts the ancient parish. Blogger Paul will probably correct me with his greater historical knowledge (please do Paul) and point out all my errors of period costume(obviously the 'Ogre' should be wearing fine clothes, but i needed him to just have trousers and boots!!! )

Monday, 4 April 2011

You know you like pottery when...

... a piece of old interlocking drainpipe gets you going!  It's just a very beautiful object regardless of it's previous use! This is from the Reg Lloyd collection down at the Burton Art Gallery and Museum in Bideford.. got to get down there at some point... and try not to hyperventilate!

Friday, 1 April 2011

Quality Portraits- Every One's A Winner!

Well, actually only this one. This fantastic drawing of Michael Winner is sadly not by me, it's by Jakki's friend Sarah. You can see more of her very amusing drawings of Chevy Chase, Three Men and a Baby, Anita Dobson and many more here. For the story of how Quality Portraits came into our lives and also see our very own family quality portrait (not to be missed) head over to Jakki's blog where she has the full story... and probably the least flattering drawing of me in existence ( i don't even have a beard! just a largish tache). It sits very proudly in our living room, but must upset my Mum every time she visits!! Oh, hell.. i'll stick it here, but do still go and read Jakki's story.