Friday, 1 April 2011

Quality Portraits- Every One's A Winner!

Well, actually only this one. This fantastic drawing of Michael Winner is sadly not by me, it's by Jakki's friend Sarah. You can see more of her very amusing drawings of Chevy Chase, Three Men and a Baby, Anita Dobson and many more here. For the story of how Quality Portraits came into our lives and also see our very own family quality portrait (not to be missed) head over to Jakki's blog where she has the full story... and probably the least flattering drawing of me in existence ( i don't even have a beard! just a largish tache). It sits very proudly in our living room, but must upset my Mum every time she visits!! Oh, hell.. i'll stick it here, but do still go and read Jakki's story.


  1. I read it, I'm enjoying her blog very much! So glad you left a note on my blog so I can enjoy both of your blogs now!

  2. Thanks Tracey. Jakki writes a good story when she doesn't have to think too much about it... and boy she's gotta lot of stories! Her blog's the perfect place to put them all up.