Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Pottery Update...

A couple of pics of recent activity, nothing mind-blowing. Really a reminder that i do occasionally get clay on my hands! I wanted to make a fairly 'loose' salt & pepper pot pair, keep a bit of energy in them and try a different way from the holes in the top (although I'm sure there's good reason for that, Time's a good designer!). The phone snaps are pretty low quality, but hope they serve their purpose. There are more of the heads at the bottom, i'm just keen to see how they come out. Last bit of news is that my small kiln will hopefully be fired for the first time at the weekend and then i can start my proper journey from there on. It's been a frustrating time for me, but hopefully things will get back on track now. I'm still not a potter, but getting nearer... inch by painfully slow inch!

Monday, 18 June 2012

Pink Memory Jug

Yes, Pink... it'll go with the kitchen. I made this one recently, it's relatively small memory jug, but until i build up my supplies of small things it will do. It now reminds me of the Madonna Inn, that i think I've posted pictures of before, so it's now the 'Pink Madonna '. I had a few tears off the boys when they saw that blessed star fish that they couldn't have cared less about, but now they saw dad sticking it to a pot, they suddenly became very attached!... "watch your small stuff kids" i told them, "if you neglect them you know where they'll end up"! They've been warned. For a big guy who likes dirty brown clay, it's amazing how easily i can do pink and gold!!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Gone Darker...

.... or the 'heart attack song' as we like to call it in our studio! It does kind of pick you up, throw you about, then dump you on the other side on your ass. I love it!... I do love Electrelane, those girls could sure make the most brilliant noise. Do dabble in their fine back catalogue,  for me you don't get much better albums than 'Axes'... not by anyone! Sadly i never got to see them play live before they split up. Maybe they'll reform one day!

... oh, go on, have another one. It's a slow build so be patient!


Thursday, 14 June 2012

Prints For Sale...

I've just had a good shuffle of my online store. I'm now keeping it all in-house and I'm doing the printing. I decided to go for cheaper prints (but still really nice quality), so hopefully more folk can have them on their walls. I also introduced A4 versions, as i have a lot of my Wish Lists on my own walls at that smaller size and they look good when there are a few of them together, rather than a single A3 or A2. I also added some of my recent LOST images, so you could have an A4 for only £15, bargain!
I now have some of my images available on the The Art Fair, for those wanting the highest quality versions. Most of the images on The Art Fair are not available on my own shop. I'm trying to avoid any conflictingly priced prints. Go check out Arfair as Bryan has a very nice set up where half the gallery's profits go to Medecins Sans Frontieres. you can't say fairer (theartfairer) than that!
I haven't quite finalised my shop shake-up, but it's nearly there. I going to add some greeting cards too, when i resolve a small problem at the printers. I will put the cards up on here once i have them all, they look good and I'll probably be selling them as packs of four for £10.

Friday, 8 June 2012

LOST Continued

I got to 40 of these LOST images and decided to colour up 20. You can now see them over on my websiteso if you've ever felt lost, or just plain old lost something, then this is the place to go. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

My Bottle Cap Man

You know how much I like to just make stuff. These were my offerings to jakki for her recent birthday, I think I've apologised enough before for my handmade take on presents!! I'm lucky that Jakki's not a shoes and handbag kind of gal, although I'm sure she wouldn't have minded some nice shoes! I also made a new memory jug in pink to go with the kitchen, but i need some decent photos of that. I just love these folk art/craft objects and I'll take any opportunity to have a go at some of them. I'm in the middle of making a double bottle cap figure to go in the garden somewhere, I'll put a pick on here when it's done.

His egg cup hat comes off to reveal a salt pot head that sits loose ready for use.
behind him is his smaller and slightly meek wife, who can hold a candle. Then there's a charity shop bird, cat and base construction, titled 'Ambition'. The pic in the front is just something i was experimenting with, i printed out the bunny character and cut it out and stuck it on this scene. I shall be doing many more of these, i think there's a lot of potential for some nice images. Finally, here are a couple of classic folk art bottle men that give me inspiration... i wish i owned them!

Friday, 1 June 2012

Something (groovy) For The Weekend

A little Charles Bradley for you. This is currently my go-to-album for getting down with some cookin' in my kitchen.... just hope no one is looking in!