Monday, 18 June 2012

Pink Memory Jug

Yes, Pink... it'll go with the kitchen. I made this one recently, it's relatively small memory jug, but until i build up my supplies of small things it will do. It now reminds me of the Madonna Inn, that i think I've posted pictures of before, so it's now the 'Pink Madonna '. I had a few tears off the boys when they saw that blessed star fish that they couldn't have cared less about, but now they saw dad sticking it to a pot, they suddenly became very attached!... "watch your small stuff kids" i told them, "if you neglect them you know where they'll end up"! They've been warned. For a big guy who likes dirty brown clay, it's amazing how easily i can do pink and gold!!


  1. Love it! Now for the technical craft geek bit...what is your preferred choice of glue?

  2. Hey, kids should know that anything is fair game! Love that pink and gold!

  3. these are so awesome, I have got to make one of these! All of our little stuff is in the attic and I can never remember to go dig it out.....

  4. Hey Lorna, I use a tube of No More Nails and i like to use it to make little dots in between bits, like icing!

    smartcat: Absolutely it's fair game. i should do a large one with their real toys on it!! show them whose boss!!

    Tracey, go make one!... and have you bought Laurie's cd book of so many great memory jugs? you really should it's great value, you'll love it!... and make sure you're checking her blog