Thursday, 14 June 2012

Prints For Sale...

I've just had a good shuffle of my online store. I'm now keeping it all in-house and I'm doing the printing. I decided to go for cheaper prints (but still really nice quality), so hopefully more folk can have them on their walls. I also introduced A4 versions, as i have a lot of my Wish Lists on my own walls at that smaller size and they look good when there are a few of them together, rather than a single A3 or A2. I also added some of my recent LOST images, so you could have an A4 for only £15, bargain!
I now have some of my images available on the The Art Fair, for those wanting the highest quality versions. Most of the images on The Art Fair are not available on my own shop. I'm trying to avoid any conflictingly priced prints. Go check out Arfair as Bryan has a very nice set up where half the gallery's profits go to Medecins Sans Frontieres. you can't say fairer (theartfairer) than that!
I haven't quite finalised my shop shake-up, but it's nearly there. I going to add some greeting cards too, when i resolve a small problem at the printers. I will put the cards up on here once i have them all, they look good and I'll probably be selling them as packs of four for £10.

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