Thursday, 25 June 2015

Into The Wild

This film has really stuck with us both here. It leaves it's mark. I watched it for the first time a couple of months ago and instantly loved it. Then we both watched it the other night. Right up there on my favourite movie list. I'm listening to Eddie Vedder's soundtrack right now, love that too.... and the film's score by Michael Brook. Emile Hirsch was great in the role of Christopher McCandless, whose life the film is about. Jakki's reading the book his sister wrote about it all too and is gripped by that.

It helps that the film (2007, directed by Sean Penn) is set in part out at Salvation Mountain and Slab City! Love those places. Anyway, i'm not doing a film review, just a nod to say, if you have never seen it, you should. It's a great film, about life and true happiness.

It's quite a ride though!

Tuesday, 23 June 2015


Ha, i just found this again floating around on my desktop... and it's so totally true for me. It pretty much nails it exactly.... so i thought i'd share it. There, now you're not so weird, just an introvert!
Sadly i can't remember where i copied it from, if you've seen it before and know, let me know and i'll credit it. Here goes:

Introverts catch a lot of shit for being introverted. The whole world seems so enamored by extroverts – the people we know who just want to be around people all the time. While we introverts might not want that, it doesn’t mean we’re depressed or suicidal or anything wacky like that. There are some things you should know about us.

1. Small talk sucks.
We’re just not very good at it. We’re typically the big-thinking types. We like big ideas and theories. Small talk is uncomfortable. We don’t care about the weather or how your cat has been doing.

2. Being alone is fine.
Seriously, we’re doing okay, even if we hole up in our houses for a while. We don’t need other people for stimulation. We find that ourselves.

3. We aren’t rude or uptight.
We might seem like that at first, but get to know us. We’re still a fun bunch of friends, we just don’t always acclimate to unfamiliar settings and people so quickly.

4. Sometimes, we swing both ways.
We might be introverts, but sometimes we are just so the life of the party. We do this willingly when we’re up to it, but we can’t always keep that kind of energy going. If we throw a party, great! But give us some time to recover.

5. We have friends. And they like us! Probably.
People hear the word ‘introvert’ and think of the goth kid sitting alone at the food court. That’s a whole different thing entirely. We love having friends, and our friends love having us! We put in a conscious effort for people we think are worth it.

6. When with the right people, we feel safe.
Having the right people in our lives is amazing. we really give our best selves to the best people. We shine in the right company. But sometimes it takes a while to find those people.

7. We like to write things out.
Writing is easier than talking for us sometimes. Email is the best because it helps us get the thoughts out of our heads without being interrupted. Thinking about giving us a call? Try a text or email instead.

8. We’re super productive.
Sometimes at least. Usually in our alone time, we’re able to really rock and roll on projects that we need to finish. The solitude helps us, as we tend to be a bit more distractible than most.

9. If we don’t like you, you won’t know it.
It’s the truth of the matter. We hate conflict. So even if we don’t like you, we’ll still be nice. It’s a lot easier than being real with you. Especially if your feelings are inconsequential enough that confronting you on your bullshit isn’t even worth the time. Sorry. Well, not sorry.

10. Networking events suck.
Seriously. Is there a mailing list we need to opt out of? There are few things more uncomfortable than a networking party. Except maybe a dentist’s networking party that we’ve just been accidentally invited to.

11. We don’t like crowds.
Though I find that after a few beers, I can tolerate it. Introverts tend to get overstimulated easily, so big crowds aare tough to deal with.

12. Sorry, we probably weren’t listening to your story.
We care deeply about our friends, but people outside of that circle will have a tough time maintaining our attention. It’s not that we have ADD or anything like that, we just don’t really care about you. On the plus side, we won’t judge you, so feel free to tell us all the fucked up things you said to your ex.

13. Don’t make a fuss out of our birthdays.
For the longest time, I had a great deal of difficulty understanding why I hated my birthday so much. Everyone I ever knew would come out and party with me! But then I realized: that’s the problem! We don’t need to make a fuss out of our birthdays, so please don’t do it to us.

14. We don’t want to make a fuss out of your birthday.
We can quietly honor the annual birthday, right?

15. If we’ve chosen to be friends with you, appreciate it.
We value our alone time. If we see you often, it means that we really love you. Just don’t get too bummed out when we don’t hang for a week at a time sometimes.


Thursday, 18 June 2015

My New Hang Out

I've been seduced away from the blog by Instagram, that's where I'm hanging out these days. It works for me and there's always cool new stuff to find.

Twitter's dropping off my radar, it's too relentless and in my mind you have to be either in or out, it's not for dropping in and out of. Blogging is great, but way too little feedback, if there are no comments you get no feeling of support, as the stats are too unreliable and vague. Facebook works, but not all your friends want to keep being bombed by your arty snaps! I keep that more social.

Instagram is good. I like it.  It's now my home for a while. Come and join me there @garrettworld.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Making Heads

Sat last night and started on my collection of heads to try and fire in the kiln and if they come out ok, they will be my first pots for sale. I'm going to try and get the money to either buy a new used kiln or get this pain in the ass kiln sitter converted over to a digital set up.

Anyway, i really enjoy sitting making these simple pinch pots with a little base and then i roll them on the work bench. I'll add some details and then dip them in lovely white slip, before going at them with a combo of black slip, combing, wiping, sgraffito and oxides. Some will be tidier than others!

What got me just as excited was scribbling potential ideas for the hollow lumps.... and then adding washes of clay! The old sugar paper stock with dusty marks and splashes, from kicking around the studio floor, combined with the drawings and clay washes really works for me.
I immediately thought about adding some white slip for little highlights, then about cutting bits out and assembling them. Lots to think and play with!

The problem will be it's lack of permanence, the paper fades badly. Not sure about the clay washes lifespan... should be ok. I can always scan them and get prints made.

Fun, lots more to come hopefully as i work through ideas and ways of working it.

The joy of clay! I love a bit of slipware pottery

Hopefully lots more like this chap... and for sale! (probably cursed the lot now)

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Frazey Ford - Summer Listening

Been loving this Frazey Ford (ex Be Good Tanyas) album Indian Ocean. Also liked this video and nice to see a bit of the studio action and musicians in the bottom clip. Summer cool.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Wisdoms Of The Old And The Young

I really enjoyed this documentary yesterday, so thought i would share it with you. Lots of wise words, see it through to the end even if you do plan on sticking with your big house and death grip mortgage!