Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Making Heads

Sat last night and started on my collection of heads to try and fire in the kiln and if they come out ok, they will be my first pots for sale. I'm going to try and get the money to either buy a new used kiln or get this pain in the ass kiln sitter converted over to a digital set up.

Anyway, i really enjoy sitting making these simple pinch pots with a little base and then i roll them on the work bench. I'll add some details and then dip them in lovely white slip, before going at them with a combo of black slip, combing, wiping, sgraffito and oxides. Some will be tidier than others!

What got me just as excited was scribbling potential ideas for the hollow lumps.... and then adding washes of clay! The old sugar paper stock with dusty marks and splashes, from kicking around the studio floor, combined with the drawings and clay washes really works for me.
I immediately thought about adding some white slip for little highlights, then about cutting bits out and assembling them. Lots to think and play with!

The problem will be it's lack of permanence, the paper fades badly. Not sure about the clay washes lifespan... should be ok. I can always scan them and get prints made.

Fun, lots more to come hopefully as i work through ideas and ways of working it.

The joy of clay! I love a bit of slipware pottery

Hopefully lots more like this chap... and for sale! (probably cursed the lot now)


  1. I shall be looking out for 'grumpy cat' 'confused fish man' and 'mr.moustachio' when they hit your shop!

    1. Ha! I'm itching to get back to it and finish this batch off. Work and family has pulled me away again *writes off another year*