Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Take A Waltz

A couple of weeks ago i was hanging with my mate Tom. Just catching up, drinking too many bottles of wine and watching The Last Walz in the early hours of the morning. Amazingly it was the first time i'd seen it all the way through. I love Levon Helm singing and drumming away. Anyway, thought i'd share for anyone unfamiliar. Oh, and If you ever feel like picking up a guitar, but could do with some guidance, Tom's the man. Follow the link and you can watch a few of his youtube tutorials. Or you can contact the man and get some one-on-one lessons via Skype. Here's his fb page


  1. The Last Waltz is a great favorite around here. Get hold of the DVD if you can. It has some great back-up features.

  2. I do need to pick up the dvd Suzi. It needs to become more of a regular feature at home. The Band were such a great act. I loved that Garth Hudson was there as 'piano teacher'!