Thursday, 14 February 2013

It's a Bruin!

..... Bear.
Ha ha..... I have a new pottery crush! I LOVE this crazy creature.

I popped in very briefly on my way to pick the boys up from school and there it was in the temporary exhibition. It solved the puzzle for me as it had BRUIN written across it's belly. That's a Bear then. It's an old English word derived from the Dutch for brown. He has a long tail for the handle, which i doubt any bear has actually had! I shall definitely be making a version of these one day. It said it was probably made in Sussex, but I doubt it, from the very little knowledge i do have. I'm going to see if I can get my hands on it and have a closer inspection. Mystery solved. Well, as to what it is, but not about it's maker. Pottery, slipware, sgraffito, form, function, lovely bold direct mark making, great galena glaze with it's beautiful rich colours... and a bear... a bruin!!! when's our next date?


  1. Honestly Scott, except for the glaze thing, the pieces you are making are far better than this... bear?
    I sympathize with your glaze issues, I'm getting ready to mix up a bunch of tests, check in soon to see how I can ruin a perfectly great set of bisque bowls!

  2. Never. Tracey, they'll be fine... you know what your doing!! I've just made a lot of tests for the kiln too, as soon as they dry enough I'll be firing.Thanks for the compliment... but i do honestly like the crudeness of these old pots... of non artists stepping outside the daily pots they make and just going for it. I want to keep some of that, but get it to cross that divide! I dream of finding something like this at a boot sale or wherever and uhming and ahhing over if i should pay the £5 they want for it!

  3. That has got to be the strangest bear I've ever seen!

  4. So glad you found it was a bear but I see the mystery continues..... keep us informed.