Friday, 1 February 2013

My Studio Music- 10 Tunes To Work To

There's a cool website called Studio Music, where various creative folk give 10 tunes for listening to in their studios. You can listen to them there and read any info the artist wants to give on each, pop on over. A few of my friends already feature on it. Anyway, I thought I'd just do mine here... you'll have to spotify them or something! Now, these REALLY are tunes for working in the studio, not just a top 10, or tunes to show the breadth of my record collection, or a measure of my cool. Not that I'm saying that some of those on the website are ; )

Here goes:

• Neil Young- On The Beach
... any time any place!

• Electrelane- Gone Darker
... the 'heart attack song', blows my mind. I just love the build up, those girls made spectacular noise.

•Van Morrison- Listen To The Lion
...classic, a nice long vocal work out for 'The Man'. There's not enough growling and roaring in music these days!

• Endless Boogie- Jammin' With Top Dollar
... I was near addicted to this at one time, still get's me going.

• My Morning Jacket- Dondante
... a track of two parts, both impeccable, all I'll say is stick with it and wait for the reward!
(The last of my extended work out tracks)

• Grant Lee buffalo- Fuzzy
... a great tune and a big dose of nostalgia, love it.

• Tim Buckley- Make It Right
... groovy and puts me in an instantly better place, from the very under rated Greetings From LA album.

• Tinariwen- Chet Boghassa
...I defy you not to groove! caution: highly addictive (but watch your work rate increase!)

• Yo La Tengo- Stay Away From Heaven
... just the right side of madness, turn it up and get working!

• Guy Clark- Let Him Roll
... chokes me up a little every time, great story. oh, Alice!

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