Monday, 21 July 2014

I Think I'm Doing All Right

Here's my end of term report. (actually they were from school projects for fathers day a month ago, but they feel like my school report). 
...I must work on my calmness! ; )

Thursday, 17 July 2014

London Town

Popped up to London for the day yesterday. They say the streets of London are paved with gold. Well, gold must smell a bit like vomit and bin juice. London stank! (on many fronts). It was hot and the streets did not smell good, poor old tourists (who only seem to be from China these days. No one else can afford it!). Anyway, thought i needed a beer to get away from the heat and the stench (a very nice Meantime London Pale Ale, thanks for asking... although the five pound pint also depresses me).
so i take a seat and was then faced with this depressing view. Stinks doesn't it? What are people doing? (i do it too). Very depressing. All sitting in this communally spirited pub, having a drink and ignoring every other life form present! Have we all gone mad? I imagined a time in the not so distant past where strangers would pull up a bar stoll and slowly start to chat with their fellow man, enquire about their day, their life, get an insight into another persons world. Society needs a rethink.

This photo was taken on the train home and the scene was repeated all down the carriage (and at many other points during the day). Depressing. What's going on with us, will it ever change? Horrible. Lot's of disconnected people all drifting past each other.

Popped into the Contemporary Ceramic Centre and fondled some Dylan Bowen and Phil Rogers pots ; )  Then over the road and into the British Museum to cheer myself up and ogle some old slipware.

...and the odd bit of Medieval.

Then finally met up with my old friends Chris and Ann. Chris is a fellow illustrator, please check out his website (and his new record!). I first met Chris when i was a student at Kingston University... over 20 years ago, yikes! It's always good to catch up with old friends and have a laugh!

I just saw this old pic out the corner of my eye, an echo across the years (many years!). Me and Chris and our good friend Craigio.... who's Birthday it happens to be today... Happy Birthday Amigo! Craigio now lives even further away in Thailand. Wish he could have been there with us yesterday.

... I was a rebel, i always wore my glasses on the dancefloor! ; )

... and sorry Marky! (my other good friend Mark, hates seeing my old hairless photos!)

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

That's Entertainment!

I thought I'd just put a quick word up here to point you to some good stuff. It's Russel Brand's Trews (True News... imagine!). Russel's just popped up, grabbed hold and is galloping away! Personally i'm with him, his points are good ones, solid ones... and as in this film it's very funny, by the time he got to the Chinese i had tears in my eyes. Anyway, i just thought you might enjoy it, i think you're my kind of people ; )

I can also heartily recommend the Is Fox News More Dangerous Than ISIS? and Why Does Fox News Love Guns So Much? ... oh and Can Fox News Justify Killing Animals?

Basically I love all the ones where he reviews The O'Reilly Factor on Fox, with Bill O'Reilly.

Get over there and subscribe!... unless you're a fan of Fox News ... haha... of course you're not, who would be?

Monday, 14 July 2014

Something's Cooking

.... but you'll have to wait for just a little bit.

Friday, 11 July 2014

At What Cost?

When did "cheap" take over from "good"?
We seem to be being sold the idea of "cheap" as being the best thing, rather than that lost concept of "good value". Why is the lowest price the thing that's most important? Adverts seem to be more and more just selling us the price, rather than if the product is actually any good. "It's good, it's cheap, LOOK!... now buy it and fuck off". If something is twice the price, but will last 4 or 5 times as long, it's just looked at as expensive. That, i guess, is why we're now buried in this hole full of cheap tat. Price is everything... price is the only thing. (I'm no better, I still get sucked in and buy cheap tat, even though i know it is. It's short term thinking, at the time you look at price. it's when you throw it in the bin that you think of the cost). I'm trying to change my whole way of thinking though!

While i'm here i'll share my other pet peev... those 'real people' adverts, where they "honestly" review a product. The people in them always seem to say the words "... actually" or "... to be honest" after their fake review. It's as if they can't cover up the falseness and they have to try and convince themselves! Anyway it pisses me off.
Award of the day has to go to Aldi for their advert where the "real person" is very excited that they sell "... live herbs now, you know in the pots".... fucking hell. Here's a link if you need to see it!

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Little Wings

Thought I'd share a bit of Little Wings with you. Been listening to his Black Grass album (2011) and Last (2013) .

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Face It

... I like a face or two staring at me as i work in the studio! Here's just a selection of what i found around me today (excuse the dust : )