Thursday, 17 March 2016

#thepoowontdo really won't! Winter is always a bad time for dog poo... The cloak of darkness enables owners to be lazy members of the community. I'm going to make a big effort over the coming months to finally try and make people think "Hey, this is actual crap! I can't just leave it on the path".... I know, imagine!

Anyway, I cooked up this new poster design, keeping it ultra simple and sticking with humour rather than outright aggression :-)
Already lots of support and interest in putting them up around town.
Feel free to do the same.

... or a less offensive one with a lovely yellow background.

I've also recently taken to powder bombing any poo with bright yellow powder, taking the lead from a person in this town who has been doing the same with pink powder paint, @hastingspoops on instagram.

I made my own powder from cornflour, food colouring and a little water, then dried it out and blitzed it

It not only makes a statement about the amount of crap on our pavements, it also helps people avoid treading in it.... Win win. Hopefully a few others will join in with different colours.

.. And remember, if you do join in or take photos, tag any posts #thepoowontdo.

It really won't!

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