Wednesday, 9 March 2016

GarrettWare, Friday 1pm !

I have restocked my web shop GarrettWare with 21 new pieces of my slipware pottery... and it will go live at 1pm this Friday!! (it's currently offline as i'm working on listing them all).

I was trying to think of the best time of day to open it, but I figured no one is that far from a device these days!

There's also a special treat this time for one lucky buyer. I've selected one random pot that will also get this free monkey mini moneybox with it. No monkey business...."money business only"!
He was damaged by an exploding fox head in the kiln last year... but I fired him and his missing ear separately and then reunited them ;-)

He has charm, but I couldn't really sell him. It makes a great prize though!!
I will notify the lucky buyer of their win as soon as they buy that mystery pot.

So... If you like your slipware pottery with lots of character, you know where to come on Friday... GarrettWare! ...It's slipware it's at!!

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