Thursday, 21 February 2013

Joshua Tree Inn

The boys outside reception

 One of our favourite places to go, is all around Joshua Tree out in the Californian high desert. This time we stayed at the actual Joshua Tree Inn and the place that housed Gram Parsons final hours, so of course we stayed in room 8. To start with the boys just knew he was "a musician who always stayed in this room and then he died"... eventually it was "Yes, he died in this actual room", they were cool with it. I didn't want to freak them out too much, but they really just don't care that much about things we worry about. It's a lovely place to stay if you don't like the corporate hotel thing, we always prefer the older, more authentic motel experience. It's just so peaceful and calm up there, despite being on the 29 Palms Highway. The room has it's own little fenced off back courtyard to sit out in and relax (with it's very own gold plated door...well, gold leaf door). The rooms guestbook is a good read and there's also a pile of music left by other folk that have visited... some better than others! I didn't have a cd to leave behind but i did leave one of my little packages of mini books and prints, hope they stay there for other guests. We never had time this time to go out into the actual joshua Tree National Park.

Tex feelin' the Gram vibe

The reception/lounge

sculpture garden...and for those living in England that blue stuff in the background is sky!

The Gram Monument, which sits directly outside room 8.


  1. Very cool. I just had a nice visit with your pal Clay. What a great guy!! Can't wait to see and read the book.

  2. Hey Ron, that's so cool... I meant to email you and say Clay was planning on coming. He seems like a cool guy, that's why i thought it would be good to work on something with him and It's looking good. I'm loving those new pots Ron, I know there's still room for the drawn animals too! Look forward to watching you work that one out. Those new pots are just great though... how can you just do all these new things and they all come out so damn good??!!!