Thursday, 31 January 2013

Animation News-Exciting!

Well, actually i can't give you much news on it.... yet! Just that something is actually happening, with funding and work has started on it. It's a pretty quick turnaround (well, for animation!). My good friend and very talented fellow, Griff, is working hard on it. You shouldn't have too long a wait for an update, or even until you can see it. I'm just really excited to actually have some animation under way, I've been interested in animation since my college foundation course way back in 89/90 and watching loads of Channel 4's Fourmations in the early 90's. I remember Deadsy and Door, by David Anderson (written by Russell Hoban) and this Sandman one.... Also Crac, by Frederic Back, which i loved!  . I even thought animation was what I might end up going into... until I was rejected by Bristol Uni all those years ago!... so I went to Lincoln (then on to Kingston) and illustration opened up to me. Anyway, I'll keep you posted on any progress... oh, it's not the Winston Pickle animation that we started the ball rolling on a while back... that will have to wait!


  1. These are sooooo wonderful, spent my morning watching with a cup of tea, thanks!

  2. Good aren't they Tracey. I'm feeling in a similar mood to you these days, a bit of everything and just can't focus on one thing. Post on my clay/lack of progress frustration to come!