Friday, 12 September 2014

Freedom, Debt and our Collections of Crap... Oh Boy!

Now, i don't think this guy's the most inspirational speaker ; ) but bear with him, i do like a lot of the points he makes in this little talk. It's something i'm thinking a lot about these days. Midlife crisis? The pointlessness of the path we end up on. Does what we do make sense for us now? What does freedom mean to us? What should we be doing with the rest of our days? Lots of questioning and trying to do better. Do we want the script we've taken? Can we change things or have we buried ourselves so deeply into our house and our stuff ? How much of our stuff is crap? what is our attachment to it? If it all went, how would we feel? (well, that one's me... i don't think Jakki could deal with that concept!). What if we had to adapt? There's a different world out there, it's just how much of the past you want to bring with you! Work > Buy > Debt... shoot me. I'm done with it (but is it done with me?) : )

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