Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Born, Not Made

This is for the non-potters that drop by, as i know all you pot nuts will have seen this by now. It's a little film about one of my favourite potters, Clive Bowen. I want to share some pot love with all you other creative types out there. It's in conjunction with his exhibition at the fantastic Goldmark gallery. Go feast your eyes and your soul, this is what making pots is about! (so why aren't I making pots?!... Well, i'm buying clay at the weekend, I've been out for ages... and you can't make pots without the mud. So, i'm making a start... again!). You know i could fill many, many (many!) blog posts with my internal struggles over this clay business and how hard i've made it for myself to get up and running. Anyone want to give me a kiln?... that works!!... please.

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