Monday, 1 September 2014


This quote by Eleanor Roosevelt to "Do one thing everyday that scares you", was in a short film by Casey Neistat- Make It Count that i'd watched. It did make me think i should achieve more, get off the track occasionally, do something different. It's been a funny old year after the crazy one the year before it and i'm in another process of re-evaluation, what exactly do i want?... Or rather, how much less do i want?!

I feel like i'm at that point where the life we're living and the life we want to be living are maybe at their furthest points from each other. A few changes need to be made, but everything seems so much. I watch things, read things, but then still feel paralysed to do anything… what can i do?… what should i do? I'm active, i'm moving, but i still feel frozen… paralysed. Does anyone else feel like this?

And yes, everyday when i wake up i do feel a little bit of fear. I'm ill equipped for this world we live in. I don't seem to 'get' how it all works.
...How does it all work?


  1. I think we all feel like that sometimes, but I've got to say that we feel less and less lke that because we have the garret Pranksi mob in our lives. You all make a massive difference, beautiful people!

  2. Howdydoothee! Mr.Garrett Amigo! Your creativity and Imagination will never leave u matey! So don't mess your head up with thinking too much eh! Just enjoy the ride wherever it leads u. I hope u&I can get a blog together in the newyear with allsorts of mad and wonderful projects that can combine our old skool style pub drawing doodles, with new ideas that will take us both on a journey to god knows where?? You will be happy to know I'm back painting on old bits of tin and wood I've found here and there. Really enjoying that old buzz again. I will start to post some in a few months when they satisfy my soul enough to share. I know my craigioland blog is not a blog at the mo mate/ Please be patient with me eh! I'm trying to sort out getting an agent for my commercial illustrations first, then I can have more fun with other stuff eh! Supporting my family is top of my list at the mo. Just sent some samples off to Darrel at Heart last week which should be with him on Thurs/Fri. Hope he likes em' but I'm prepared for rejection (again.) Take care Scott. Stay happy and never stop creating stuff eh! Even if it is just (stuff).

  3. Cheers Marky, bless ya!
    Craigio, let's get that crazy blog going. I still have the ones we tried to get going before …somewhere! You're right i should enjoy the ride, just sit and look out the window, but instead i'm out of my seat checking with the driver that he's going the right way!!!
    Great to hear you throwing the paint onto tin and wood. I still owe you a review. Let's hope an agent pops up, Darrel will probably replace me with you!! You should just contact them and then email a link to the website/blog though to keep it easier and cheaper for you. Though i'm sure they appreciate the physical. Good Luck amigo!