Sunday, 31 August 2014

Small Face Box

Just a little drawing on a small cheap card box and a touch of watercolour. Should do more (and put lettering around them, probably rubber stamp). I'll have to come up with an idea for what to put inside. Maybe just a little thought they're having on a scrap of paper might be nice. Yes, that would be nice. I'm going to make some! Sometimes you just have to start drawing/making and then the ideas come. People often think that you have to sit and slave over the ideas first, that way often gets you nowhere. I often think of ideas as being like those little vending machines that turn, spiralling, to drop the snack in the chute. Your head should be like one that is continuously turning, dropping the snacks. You decide later if it's a snack you want to actually eat. There, that's my creative metaphor.


  1. Gifts from friends, rocks, chicken feathers, beads, chocolate, sea glass, shells, rusty bits, treasures found on hikes, flower petals, bits of fabric.... So many boxes in my house filled with these things.....

  2. Great suggestions Tracey, boxes are magical little things. I might even make little objects that create their own little narrative with the character. I even thought fairly crude cut out thick card would work quite well. To start with I'm just going to create half a dozen face boxes and then follow how i feel. You're such a good blog supporter and comment leaver! thanks, always.