Friday, 8 August 2014

Face Plates and Playmates

Took the day off yesterday and had great fun in the garden with my two boys. I was making these wooden heads and they were making their versions out of card. I was inspired by Pep Carrio and the simple faces he had made out of scraps, you can see a good range on his pinterest. I particularly liked the drilled out eyes, they add another dimension to just sticking some on. The bat headed one is probably going to get pulled apart and remodelled. I'm happy with the other 3. So simple, a couple of charity shop wooden plates and a cheap bamboo chopping board. Drill two holes, add some found bits and you've got some new friends! Look forward to finding a wall for them, though they'd look good fixed to the top of a wooden post too. Be inspired!

This was my cardboard attempt.

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