Monday, 18 August 2014

Puppet Challenge Round Up

I've been very slack in updating the splendid Artlog Puppet Challenge on this blog. Clive has put a lot of effort and care into putting together the final posts. There have been some great puppets made and lots of interesting techniques and insights. I'm so glad i decided to sign up... and find the time to make something.

Here are my final puppets for The Earl of Rone and The Straw Bear, i've also added some pics of a few of my favourite puppets from the challenge  (i wanted to add more, but blogger is driving me nuts with the way it won't let me move my images around! grrr. Sorry Rima Staines, Lynne Lamb, Caroline McCatty, Andrew Grundon and Peter Slight!). If you're interested, i highly recommend going over to Clive's Artlog and scrolling back through the last month or more's posts. The comments are often just as enlightening. I wish blog commenting was still going strong ;-)

Both are just simple glove puppets. Great fun!
Clive Hicks-Jenkins
Stuart Kolakovic (fellow Heart artist)
Nomi McLeod

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