Thursday, 21 August 2014

Goat Head Mask

I've had a blank white plastic goat mask on my studio wall for a while now, but now I shall have to replace it... I got an urge! An urge to paint it and transform it into a Wilder Mann style full headdress. I was sitting in the studio looking at the book again and just wanted to make something like them. I put the mask in my bag and whilst cooking dinner I cut some card into strips and made a domed cylinder, with the hot glue gun (that just happened to be next to the kettle). It sits on the top of my head and is about 14 inches tall. I had some hairy/ furry scarf I'd used for a previous costume (chewbaca for a kids party... don't ask!).

Anyway, it stretched brilliantly and it now hangs down the front and back ... And I can see through it. I sprayed the mask gold first, then painted it, there are nice touches where the paint has missed bits and the gold comes through (though you can't see them in this photo). I glued two old cedar moth balls in to the eye holes to make proper eyes. Then the whole thing got 2 coats of varnish.The painted mask will be fixed on the headdress and then I need some extra fur trim , maybe some chain too or bones etc, just to up the freaky nature of it. Then what? Nothing. No reason. Just because I wanted to. Just the pleasure of making something. Should be clay, but it isn't. I just have to deal with that right now. It feels beyond my control. Can't keep stressing about it.

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