Wednesday, 13 August 2014

A Life Behind Glass

Was flicking through an old notebook/sketchbook yesterday. This one's 14 years old, 2000. All my notebooks used to be titled- A Life Behind Glass (that's how i view the world, from behind my two little panes). This one also has the sub-title- Portrait Of An Unfinished Man, which i really like and fits perfectly the nature of a notebook, that's exactly what it is.

Anyway, i thought I'd share a few simple drawings from them. I used to have a lot of ideas back in the day! I tell you if my kids take an artistic route and are ever struggling for an idea or a project they will find lifetimes worth sitting in these little books. Ideas i skipped over, i could easily have developed over months. Too many of them never got their full worth pulled out of them.... and I'm still doing the same today!.... I need a team!


  1. Awesome! Drawings Scottie. Yeh! U sure did like your notebooks back then matey!
    U could always turn them into print someday eh? Self publish and sell em on your website yeh! I'm not as organized as u Scott and never will be? I've got boxes full of old drawings just sat there looking shoddier by the year. I gotta take care of em more. Like u say, u never know when oneday a simple drawing could spark off an entire book or whatever eh! I so miss our pub doodle drawings we used to do in the irish pub Waxy's with a pint of Kilkenny. Special days to remember a time soooo long ago eh!

  2. I appear to be M.r anonymous??? Oh! Well. The glitch could of been worse?..
    I might of been M.r 'Twat Face'. Not a name you'd forget in a hurry though eh! I'm sure u agree.

  3. Thanks Amigo... anonymous you may be, but i'd know that writing anywhere!! Glad you can finally get a comment to post Craigio, god knows i need some! I've still got to review your new stuff, is there anyway to click through the images or do i have to keep clicking back to the main board?
    I've still got a box of drawings you faxed me (remember faxing?!) Steven Hawking and Superman amongst many others!! I miss pub doodles too, ain't found no substitute, folk don't draw anymore.