Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Nice post over on the Tiny Life blog by Ryan Mitchell. Here's a little extract, hope he doesn't mind. Please go and read the rest of it though.

I recently was listening to a podcast where a quote was given that struck me.  I have been thinking a lot recently about how predetermined and designed life can be for us unless we wake up and take charge.  The quote was:

It’s called the American dream because you

have to be asleep to believe it.

Wake from your slumber!

The scary thing is if we don’t wake up from this slumber of complacency, our lives are influenced to a point that defies common sense.  It may be extreme sounding, but to be a cog in the machine, to work long hours only to “buy, buy, buy!” it’s like we are merely an engine which we fuel consumerism.


  1. This is the best quote I have read in a long while! It should be passed on all over the Internet!

  2. I love this thinking, love shop till you dr.... Too, clever!