Saturday, 30 August 2014

Back At It

This was last Monday's cartoon,
hopefully i'll have a new one ready on Monday

I've been away for a the week catching up with the rest of my family and having a good time. Normal service will now be resumed. Recently, several other bloggers have mentioned a drop in the amount of blogging going on. People are dropping off, photo updates on Facebook along with video posts on youtube/facebook. I'm missing the personal insights to the works being created, along with a bit of humour, friendship and the craziness of everyone's everyday lives.

I've been trying to step it up recently and make more regular posts, in a way it makes it easier because you don't feel each post has to be overly significant or of great interest, you can just feed things in that are happening or you are watching, looking at, or listening too. It's not always for everyone, but hopefully someone will get something from it… mostly me!

It was nice, having been away, to come back and actually have a whole backlog of other's blogs to catch up on. A personal magazine of all the kinds of things i'm interested in, better than anything available off the shelf. I'm not really sure why blogging seems to be dying out, it takes a bit of time and has no real commercial reward (Oh, that's why!), but it has it's own rewards. If you don't have a blog, but check in on some fairly regularly, why don't you start one? You can always give up… you won't be alone! ; )

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