Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Super-Cyborg Gadget Glove

The latest in the Nick & Tesla Adventure books is to be published on the 7th October by Quirk books and as usual i provided the artwork. Thought I'd share some images of how the cover design developed. I'll get some of the inside illustrations up soon. This book has the kids building their very own (and very cool) Gadget Glove. It has a UV light, a torch, a voice recorder and an alarm!

The glove in full UV mode. I like to add simple colour to my sketches,
i just find it helps sell the idea better and it's nice to have an idea
of how the final cover might look.

It was decided to focus on the glove more.. and change to red

Wanting to get the action back, but zooming in to see some glove detail.

A tightened up sketch with background elements

The final Art. For some reason the background heart and brain got dropped on the actual cover
(they were giant display models!)

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