Friday, 15 June 2012

Gone Darker...

.... or the 'heart attack song' as we like to call it in our studio! It does kind of pick you up, throw you about, then dump you on the other side on your ass. I love it!... I do love Electrelane, those girls could sure make the most brilliant noise. Do dabble in their fine back catalogue,  for me you don't get much better albums than 'Axes'... not by anyone! Sadly i never got to see them play live before they split up. Maybe they'll reform one day!

... oh, go on, have another one. It's a slow build so be patient!



  1. Hi...I just found you via Tracey. Loving your stuff.....personality plus! I'm looking forward to seeing some of your clay stuff.

  2. Thanks so much!... and i PROMISE there will be clay soon, it's been a very frustrating year... my failings have been made glaringly obvious to me!!
    I have been 'thinking' about clay though... and looking and following lots of clay activity, it's all part of my clay education!