Wednesday, 6 June 2012

My Bottle Cap Man

You know how much I like to just make stuff. These were my offerings to jakki for her recent birthday, I think I've apologised enough before for my handmade take on presents!! I'm lucky that Jakki's not a shoes and handbag kind of gal, although I'm sure she wouldn't have minded some nice shoes! I also made a new memory jug in pink to go with the kitchen, but i need some decent photos of that. I just love these folk art/craft objects and I'll take any opportunity to have a go at some of them. I'm in the middle of making a double bottle cap figure to go in the garden somewhere, I'll put a pick on here when it's done.

His egg cup hat comes off to reveal a salt pot head that sits loose ready for use.
behind him is his smaller and slightly meek wife, who can hold a candle. Then there's a charity shop bird, cat and base construction, titled 'Ambition'. The pic in the front is just something i was experimenting with, i printed out the bunny character and cut it out and stuck it on this scene. I shall be doing many more of these, i think there's a lot of potential for some nice images. Finally, here are a couple of classic folk art bottle men that give me inspiration... i wish i owned them!


  1. Nice of you to say so John... and good to see you can comment! Ah, this modern life, we've got it licked.

  2. Scott, these are so neat. I've never seen a bottle cap man before. I really like yours and the old ones too. My dad brought us home a big box of bottle caps when I was a kid. I nailed them to scrap boards laying around the barn.

    The photo w. your cut outs is brilliant too. I can't wait to see more of those.

  3. Hey Ron, glad you like bottle cap men. I'll have to stick my bigger one up when it's finished. Jakki made me a neat one a few years ago and was an epic struggle! I felt some of that when i made her this one. I've made my mistakes now, so am a bit smarter!..a bit.