Tuesday, 12 April 2011

What a find!

After rummaging at a boot sale on Sunday, we headed into Rye and found some characters from an old fairground/amusement ride. Would have liked to buy them all, but i really couldn't even afford this one... didn't stop me buying him though! It has the name 'Banjo' scratched into it's back, so that shall be his name. Pride of place in the lounge i think... and yes, we still do videos.


  1. oh wow, I saw this one too, its brilliant, there was a really sinister Sooty and sweep one too, and a fantastic huge Flintstones car, which I still dream of owning and driving around!!

  2. Oh man, a flintstone's car!! was it at the same place? I wish i still had money! you hardly ever see these things and then BAM!! lots of them, don't they know i'm on a tight budget these days. Apparently there's a working individual horse coin ride that's still working too.