Thursday, 30 April 2015

The Phantom Poodler

I've done a second wave of these anti-dog-poo posters around the local streets. I'm surprised at how quickly they get pulled down sometimes. Bored kids, drunks walking home, dog walkers or just neighbours that don't like them junking up the street? who knows. I just keep sticking them back up until someone gets the message!

I have a new round of poster lined up too. I'll be unleashing this one when the last of the dogs have gone.

I've had some interest from fellow instagramers too, all happy to see my work in this area, a common problem. If anyone would like a set to put up around their neighbourhood please let me know and i'll print and send you some, no charge. My contact details are on my website. You could have them all the same single design, or have the full range. I laminate mine, then punch holes top and bottom to secure to lamp posts with cable ties. Any other ideas for how best to manufacture them for posting around the streets? Ideally i'd like to print them directly onto a stiffer plastic, that would make them more resilient to removal and weather.

I need to find a keen screen printer...

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