Thursday, 30 April 2015

Clay Hand

It still needed the coin slot in the palm, which i added after slipping.

I've been back with the clay recently, just a couple of pieces, but enough to challenge me. I've wanted to make a hand money box for a few years now, i think it was probably after seeing this Jeffry Mitchell piece below. My hand has had it's coat of white slip (which i am amazed it survived), i was sure a finger or two would drop off. I'm now going to sgraffito some lettering which will spiral around the arm like a tattoo, along with some word across the knuckles. The fingers are hollow tubes, which i just cut v-notches in to shape them and the hand is just a low cylinder which i paddled to it's rounded form. I'm using the paddle more these days, to get away from my limited slab cylinders. Once i finish these ones i'm going to focus back on throwing on the wheel. Got to get it right!

Jeffry Mitchell
I really like Jeffry's art and have just found this clip, which makes me like him even more. I have a similar thing with my clay, i want to be really good, but i also want some of that "clumsy handling" that Jeffry talks about. That's why i like the kind of art objects made by the old traditional potters, they could make great pots, but their artistic talents keep them on the folk art side. I'm thinking of Burlon Craig's face jugs, or George Fishley's watch pockets. Anyway, i'm going off on a tangent, which is why my blog posts have dried up as they take too much time, for too little views or comments. I like Instagram these days, but i really don't like how awkward it feels to reply to any comments etc. You can find me on Instagram as garrettworld.

a bit more Jeffry... i love that bear!

Jeffry Mitchell foot

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