Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Fishy Money

I made this Fish headed man, along with the hand of a few posts ago, also as a money box. I just find money boxes are a useful way of making an object functional. I like my pots to have a use and not just be an ornament. He was just a simply paddled sealed cylinder. I didn't know what he would be. Originally he was going to just be a guy in a baseball cap, but i didn't have enough height to have a cap peak and a face!... so i just flipped the peak to the top of his head like a mohawk and saw that he could be fishlike. I added some scale texture and slipped it. I always make some mistake, or forget my intention, when i'm in the heat of slipping. It's a kind of panic. I was leaving the coin slot until after slipping it, but i had cut a stopper hole at the back to allow the air inside the form, so it would dry more evenly.... i just forgot to block it when i dipped it in the slip! No biggy, just annoying that i forgot what i was meaning to do!

This guy will also get some additional sgraffito lettering on the back and some eye detailing.

i do like a nice coating of wet slip!

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