Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Magnolia Electric Co.

 Just been listening to Trials & Errors, by Magnolia Electric Co. (again!) and thought I should do a blog post for those bloggers that I know who dig a decent tune. Magnolia Electric Co. started out as Songs:Ohia, who started out as a guy named Jason Molina! He deserves a mention, a superbly talented guy who has run into some tough times recently, due mainly to drink and stints in rehab, which have left him with some large medical bills, read a bit more here. Anyhow, he's back on a farm someplace and hopefully doing fine. I won't write too much, I'm no music journo, I just listen to a lot of music, but can't play anything or dissect/ describe it very well, I just trust my ears and heart (always the best way, right?). I'll leave it to the music. If I was going to listen to more i think you should go listen to/buy The Lioness album, by Songs:Ohia and then I heartily recommend Trials & Errors for a good old rock out! I place Jason Molina right up there with Bill Callahan/ Smog and Will Oldham/Bonny 'Prince' Billy, yep in my book he's that good.The guy just doesn't make a duff album.

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