Friday, 5 October 2012

Harvey Ball

We all know the now iconic image of the smiley face, but how many of us know who first created it? Well, i do and his name was Harvey Ball. How can something so simple be so....?... lovely. Considering his brief, it's a solution of genius. I've had this bit of paper taped up near my desk for the last 11 years (really?!) We should all wear one of these badges/buttons.... not a generic smiley, not the emblem of Acid House music, but this one, this perfect Harvey Ball one, which has something more of the Mr Men about it. He never applied for copyright, never made his fortune from it, just the $45 fee. It sold 50 million badges in 1971 alone!! I've rehashed it in photoshop, so i suggest you print it out and make a badge and wear it with pride and a big smile. How about a name badge too, so we can all 'know' each other a little better! (that was Elaine's idea... I was watching Seinfeld, the one with the 'fat free' frozen yoghurt!).


  1. Hey Scott, I just popped over and finally caught up on your last 6-7 posts. Thanks for being such a good blogger. Great to see and hear what you are into at the moment. And those boys are super cute! Love this Harvey Ball Smiley. Let's hope it's not a long, wet, depressing winter. Maybe putting a Smiley up will help us through it. Have a great weekend. I'll try and comment in a more fashionable manner from here on out. Not just one big catch-all. Cheers.

  2. I wore my smiley face t-shirt everyday for a while there in junior high. Of course, everyone else was doing it too!