Thursday, 25 October 2012

My Town- St Leonards on Sea

Read a nice little review of my little town, St Leonards on Sea, on this blog the other day. Blogger Paul had a link that took me too it. It's all very true and it is a town full of movement, in the right direction. I will be having a little exhibition/sale of a few interesting things sometime in Nov, I will report more as i get more info myself. Great town, come and visit.

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  1. Hey Scott, I'd love to come and visit you and your town. I didn't get to see much of the coastal villages/towns during my visit. Actually I guess the only one was St. Ives. It was great for the pottery visit but totally over run with tourists. Not very relaxing. I know this sounds cheesy but I have been watching episodes of Kingdom and Doc Martin on Netflix. Both set in quaint seaside towns. It looks very appealing to me. Of course it's t.v. and I'm sure those places may or may not be so sweet. Anyhow I'm looking forward to coming back over there and hopefully getting around a bit more.