Monday, 1 October 2012

Lloyd Kahn

Saw this clip thanks to Robin Wood's blog (go and watch the other clips he has and save me re-pasting them!.. the surf/camera guy is well worth a watch and the line walkers is ... well, terrifying! but the photography is stunning).  I think more of you should see this film, if you haven't already. This man knows what's what. he get's it ...and I want more of it, well, a little at least. I'm off to find out more about this man...(and have since..and bought a book, which I can't wait to get and start reading and thinking. I'm on a real soul search these days aren't I? Ha!). Lloyd also has a very interesting blog, check it out!


  1. Inspiring film! It's true that the feeling of satisfaction we get from building something from scratch is enormous and it's important to keep craft alive! One of the things I'm most proud of is a cabin I built in the garden for my kids. Cheaper and better looking than anything I saw 'ready made'. Fun to do too.

  2. Hey jonathan. I'm totally buying in to this guy!! there's a slightly longer film of him on youtube that's worth a watch. I'd like to see a pic of your cabin. I'm loving the shack i built with my Dad. I'm going to enjoy tarting it up next springtime. Going to need some land in the sun... and I'm wanting a nice wide open road and one of those long boards... i don't even skate.... yet!