Friday, 28 September 2012

Heading For Winter

I can tell I'm starting to prepare for another long miserable winter (isn't that all we have here now?) when I find myself listening to these kind of brilliant things. I need more sun, more warmth, a bit more joy, some palms, a cool beer, the desert.....well, that's me fucked then!! Better just hunker down and welcome my winter tunes back into my heart. Enjoy.. and definitely explore these great artists further if you're unfamiliar. ( Brendan Perry's album Eye Of The Hunter is highly recommended).


  1. This is my morning. Juice from the juicer, sat down with a cup of coffee to read blogs and email, and listened to this music. The day is good already:)

  2. That does sound good and i bet it's good coffee. We need a juicer... he says, just about to leave the house to get some fried chicken!!

  3. I just listened to Perry's latest "Ark", and it's pretty good, reminds me more of DCD than his first effort. I didn't find the new DCD album too compelling, but maybe they are getting their bearings.
    Mogwai I can take or leave, I have to be in just the right sort of mood for them.
    I hope your winter will not be too harsh...

    1. Hi Kevin.
      I've just had a listen to ark too and i find the drums off-putting!... but I've knocked too many records in the past that I've come to love later for the very things that put me off initially. I'm refreshing myself on DCD albums and probably will continue to do so over the coming months. Do you have a favorite DCD album?
      I find Mogwai always hits the spot! CODY is probably still my favorite, i do like happy songs for happy people though.
      Hey, thanks for commenting.