Monday, 24 September 2012

Just Because...

....I like them. Stumbled across these lovely things and thought I'd share. I do have a thing about heads, always have. It's what i always come back to. I'd love to make some like this. I have clay to explore now, but i think somewhere down the line i will also embrace wood. i have some tools stashed somewhere at my parents and a wood carving vice,  I'll have to hunt them down. I do like to make!

What a lovely face and expression. i found it here
Simple, but very lovely Milliner's head.


  1. these remind me a lot of the photo I sent you awhile back of that clay vace/bowl thing. No reason these couldn't become clay. I saw some heads in a shop on Saturday that were so great, and very expensive. I have a thing for dismembered body parts too :)

  2. Hi Tracey, I was looking at that head/bowl you sent the other day. They all swirl around in my own head! I'm going to work on some fairly primitive clay head cups i think, so i can use them to test this kiln/glaze issue. I still can't find a way to make the kiln work on the temperatures i need. The cones don't match the temps and they're hard to find. The minibar/ kiln sitter is becoming obsolete. Need to find some old stock lying around some place. It's a wall I'm struggling to climb!