Wednesday, 12 September 2012

My Drawing Book

This great picture was given to me this morning at school by a friend. it's by her daughter Lula, using my how-to-draw book, "Mix & Match Drawing" by Klutz , that I gave her... she's 5. Eventually I will put a section on my website for these drawings by various kids. My boys are starting to really develop their drawing, so I'm going to let them loose on the book again and see how they do. I'll put them up next week. If you ever know of anyone using it, tell them to send me their pictures ( Don't think my readers stretch very far though!!)

The spread form the Mix & Match book


  1. Those are great drawings. Can't wait to see more. I need to get the book so I can practice.

  2. I always enjoy seeing the kids versions of them. Be nice to see a lot of them. The designer sent me lots of ones drawn by other members of staff while she was testing them out. Have to locate those files. Thanks for your email too.