Thursday, 4 October 2012

...For Balance

Here's my other boy Tennessee, he's also a lovely human being (well, more often than not!). He's a very different character from Tex... for one he's happy to dress up! The boy likes a two piece suit, UP grape soda bottle cap badge and cap. This was on a rare trip up to London. How the hell did I live there for 9 years?? People, get the hell out of there!... it's killing you and fleecing you while it's at it. There's a better world waiting for you somewhere. If you're stuck for ideas just come to Hastings, I'll even buy you a beer.


  1. what a beautiful boy. fab portrait too.

  2. Such a proper English lad, too cute!

  3. Thanks ladies... i didn't put them up to show off, i just wanted to celebrate Tex's Birthday... then felt i had neglected the other one!! I shall keep the Dad showing off his kid photos to a minimum. Ha!