Thursday, 25 November 2010

You've gotta start somewhere

... and i am. I've been doing a 10 week part time pottery course for 6 weeks now and results have been mixed! It's been good fun though and our tutor Tony Bennett has been a great help, along with being one of those nice guys (i'm coming across a lot of them these days)... and very tolerant. I'm joined at the beginners table by Nick and Tricia all equally enthusiastic. It's been a very weird experience being a student again... and funny how quickly you fall back into the role and become useless all of a sudden! (sorry to all those students out there.. i speak for myself when i say "useless") I'd post some of my poor attempts on here if only i had a working camera right now. I don't even have a phone camera now, as i sat on mine and was then too cheap to replace it with something decent. Hard to imagine a phone with no camera these days... it does have a torch though! very useful. None of my efforts have been glazed yet, but i will stick something on here when they are. I've still yet to get on the wheel though, so that's a bit frustrating as i know that's really what i want to do. I guess a bit of all round knowledge is always beneficial. I'd hate to be one of those blinkered students who isn't interested in anything outside what they've already been doing for years! Having dabbled with a bit of teaching in the past, i've been very aware of trying not to fall in to that particular trap. I'm also in the process of clearing a room at home in which i'll be able to work for now. I'll have to start thinking about a wheel too and which will best suit my requirements..Yikes! An email to Matt might be in order for that (sorry Matt). I'm going to get past the end of the course and Christmas before i get serious about it. Hey Ho, the world of clay, hmmm.

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