Wednesday, 22 December 2010

That day again.

This one's for you Ron(obviously just the rabbit bit of it!) hope you're checking in today. Nice rabbits by the way. I've also been thinking about opening this 'Wish List' up to suggestions, characters, animals etc. Possibly even responding to personal objects that folk might send in. I'll consider it more in the new year, but i always like a challenge! Got to dash now as i've had a mini flood of last minute work come in as the week comes to an end. I even have a deadline for the 27th! could be working boxing day, but not if i can help it.


  1. Definitely let us know if you're taking suggestions - it'd be great to see how you interpret them.

  2. Right on!! More rabbits to come from me in the coming days.

  3. Merry Christmas Old Bean, hope all is good and I hope we can share a beer or two sometime in 2011!