Friday, 17 August 2012

Glaze Firing #1!!

Yes, my very first glaze firing is packed and on.... blimey. It's taken me some time getting to this point and I'm praying it goes ok. It's a bit of a gamble with this weird extra dial on my kiln sitter. We think we've set it all right. It's certainly making the right sounds in there. Have to wait and see... lots of waiting! I really hope it goes smoothly, then I will have all stages of production resolved and can crack on with the pots i want to make!  Fingers crossed, can i be so lucky and escape all the potential things that could have gone wrong??... time to stop thinking and just wait. Again I've picked one of the hottest days to fire my kiln! Phew......


  1. Fingers crossed here too. Look forward to see the pots when they come out.

  2. Good luck Scott. Looking forward to pictures as well.