Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Teachers and Tutors

Hey, while I was thanking an old tutor I thought i'd put a post up to thank some others who put me on this artistic path (Think of it as my Oscars acceptance speech!). I'll start with my Secondary School art teacher Mrs Thorburn, who I still stay in touch with. Well, I would if i ever emailed or remembered to write in the Christmas card! (sorry Brenda!). The next one is a bit more unusual, positively Strange... Mr Strange (Peter), was my English teacher, but i get the feeling he sometimes set projects just to let me draw! We'd have to write an essay or poem etc, but there would be a weird "or draw a picture" option. I couldn't believe my luck!... but here's the sneaky bit (as I suspect he well knew) I became more interested in the book as a result! I was interested in the characters, what they actually looked like, what the mood was etc. That's great teaching, isn't it? Years later when i started as a freelance illustrator, i would get sent these Manuscripts to read so i could create the book cover image and I would think of Mr Strange, think of where it lead. That was Secondary School. Then it was Foundation at Nene College in Northampton... and John Harper. He sensed my unease and insecurities and really made me believe a bit more, pretended he knew what i was really like inside! and he'd drag me off to the print room and just get me wiping ink around with rags and printing on old bits of wallpaper (I know, madness!) I loved John Harper, always smoking, always enthusing... or raging. I needed him. From there i ended up in Lincoln with Howard and then I went on to Kingston Uni, where there was a great cast and all valuable for different reasons. Step forward Jake Abrams, Colin Mier, and Paul Wright. It's safe to say there is no way I'd be doing this for my living if it wasn't for all those named (and probably a few I haven't). Thank you to all of you, wherever you are now.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this story. I also wanted to credit one of the Bay Area tutors that my family hired to help my brother through high school. And now he's going to go to a good college and have a successful career.