Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Soundtrack to my Summer

I've played this clip so many times over the summer, mainly those evenings spent sorting out my website. it kept me sane, whilst itself being insanely catchy. I would often find myself walking around singing "...just remember how we shook...shook.." etc. I say play it 3 times and tell me you're not addicted! I love it when the bass comes in. This live version is superior to the album version. Love it.
Pottery coming at the end of the week. Well, you know when i say pottery i just mean scratched clay!!


  1. Their bass drummer kick a#* !! There is also a video version of this song with a bird animation that is quite good!

  2. Yeah, i like that too Tracey, but the live vibe just pips it. Great drums, great bass.. great everything... it all just hits the mark together... golden.