Thursday, 8 December 2011

Snowman Boiler

What do you do when your boiler's old, dated, on it's last legs, practically an antique?.... well, it just needs cheering up!... I'll get another 10 years of service out of it now.
I saw the kids paint and a paint sponge/brush sitting there winking at me and the round pilot light window the same size... and well, now it's festive (luckily for Jakki it will just wipe off). Shame, I'm getting used to the happy chap. My boys loved it, they couldn't get their heads around how it wasn't a whole new thing I'd installed, just a few dabs of paint.


  1. When Wesley was a kid I gave her surfaces around the house to draw on and encouraged it. I painted blackboard paint on a wall in her room and one in the kitchen. And we drew on the walls in the garage. The kitchen we have now also has blackboard paint. It's fun to have around to jot notes on. You should leave the smiley just to bring more smiles around the house!